About The Lab

An exciting new chapter in the Nashville comedy scene is unfolding. Zanies Nashville, a pillar of laughter and a beacon for comedic talents for over 40 years, is embarking on an innovative expansion. Instead of expanding its current footprint, it will instead grow smaller with the unveiling of a more intimate, yet equally vibrant venue, “The Lab at Zanies.”

Situated right next door to its predecessor, The Lab at Zanies introduces an intimate 100-seat theater in April. This space emerges not just as a venue, but as a cradle for creativity, where the legacy of Zanies can continue to cultivate the comedy superstars of tomorrow.

The Lab at Zanies is born out of a simple yet profound realization: as Zanies Nashville became one of the hottest clubs in the United States, the walls of its original venue could no longer contain the talent and demand for comedy in the city. The new venue aims to be versatile, offering everything from one-man shows to the excitement of improv and sketch comedy. Along with a variety of other stand-up formats, its smaller setting is perfect for the raw, unfiltered comedy.

With rooms dedicated to teaching comedy and improv classes, The Lab at Zanies provides a foundation for both aspiring comedians and corporate teams looking to infuse comedy into their team-building exercises. This educational aspect underscores Zanies’ commitment to not just showcasing comedy, but actively contributing to its development.

Adding to the excitement, Zanies announced the launch of the Zanies Podcast Network in the summer of 2024. This venture is poised to capture the vibrant energy of Nashville’s comedy scene and broadcast it to a global audience, further cementing Zanies’ role in shaping comedic voices.

The food & beverage offerings at The Lab at Zanies mirror the venue’s upscale ambitions, featuring a full kitchen with an upscale menu, alongside a full liquor bar and an assortment of craft cocktails.

The timing of The Lab at Zanies’ opening coincides with the 2024 Nashville Comedy Festival in April, while setting the stage for its official grand opening later in the spring.

Zanies Nashville has been a cornerstone of the city’s comedy landscape, credited as one of the top 5 clubs in the United States and a force in the remarkable growth of Nashville’s comedy scene over the past decade. The introduction of The Lab at Zanies is more than an expansion; it’s a commitment to the future of comedy, offering a new venue for expression, education, and entertainment in the heart of Music City.

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